new bypass tool for iPhone iOS 15.x.x without jailbreak or without any mina irp patch you can easily bypass passcode devices remember only for mac user

follow the below steps

Step 1 Go to open terminal on mac copy and paste

/bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL”

after paste when press enter will ask password put your mac password and enter

after press enter when finish install XCode close  terminal

Step 2 Go to open terminal again on mac copy and paste enter brew install libusb after done not close terminal again copy paste and enter  brew install libusbmuxd after done not close terminal again copy paste and enter brew install install openssl when all process done download or install tool and run before work active ecid in our website , or buy from us reseller, remember one more think when install XCode which one i provide do not sprees when copy for terminal 

brew install libusb

brew install libusbmuxd

brew install install openssl


Permiso de Archivo = File Permission:
sudo chmod -R 777
Acceso Denegado:
xattr -cr

instalar Xcode = installer xcode:
xcode-select –install
instalar Python = installer Python:
pip3 install ipwndfu –user

1) Abrir ubicación de bin = Open bin location:
Open /Users/iMak/Library/Python/3.8/bin
2) Arrastraremos el archivo BIN 3 veces con los diferentes comandos uno por uno, es importante respetar las minúsculas.

The program only supports Macbook pro 2013 and up to 2020 and Macbook air up to 2017. i5 i7 CPU macOS Catalina 10.15.7 and higher version running (Macbook air 2018/2020 and m1 processor are not supported)

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Download Link 1 ; Here

Download Link 2 ; Here